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This just in...!


Hello All,

Apologies if you've received this already.  I sent it out a few days ago,
but have had zero response, which is so unusual it qualifies as "bizarre".
So, in the event that something mysterious glitched in the sending, here it
is again.

*Trailer to Eg-Update*
*                           Breaking News*

*John Anthony West in CA  September 27  - October 1 2016*
*Hear ye, hear ye!*  *All who live within striking distance of Rancho
Mirage in southern CA.*

1.        9/30-10/2.   I will be featured in the 2016 CPAK (Conference on
Precession and Ancient Knowledge).  CPAK is always a rewarding experience
with its  varied cast of knowledgeable and worthwhile speakers.  Google it
up.  I will divulge much new Lost Civilization news and discuss  major
developments in our ongoing Battle-to-the-Death with the Quackademic
Establishment and its  dreaded Paradigm Police.  The Strongest Thing in the
World (“the idea whose time has come,”  as Victor Hugo put it)  establishes
itself  … only when “The Second Strongest Thing in the World”  (the Idea
whose time has not yet gone) has been vanquished.  (Its *denouement *may
not be that far off.)  Apart from the weather and this year’s desert
setting, at CPAK there is also ample time for schmoozing and socializing .
Try to be there if you can.

*Hear ye, hear ye!*
* All who live anywhere else in the world where there’s Internet.*
2.       Prior to CPAK  on 9/27  (1 -3 PM  PCT) I will be one-on-one live
with the irrepressible  Joe Rogan on his popular , no-holds-barred podcast
, The Joe Rogan Experience. We will of course be talking about things
Egyptian, but also my next trip there (10/21 – 11/4 2016), the new book
I’ve spent the last two years editing and contributing to:  *The Dead
Saints Chronicles: A Zen Jou*rney *Through the Christian Afterlife* by
David Solomon  (for more info google it up on Amazon).  But we will
doubtless also be ranging far afield into all manner of uncharted, and
probably wild  territory -- wherever our conversation leads us.

If you can’t tune into it live, fear not. It will be archived…probably for


*PS.* Also, coming soon and  fleshing out this * Eg-Update:*

*Further  detailed thoughts on the “S” Word (Safety)* prompted by the
latest terror attacks in France, Belgium and Elsewhere,  which have changed
the general perception of the terrorist landscape.

News from Egypt in detail.  Many promising new developments. On our recent
“rekky” we meet amiably with the new Minister of Antiquities and also with
the Director of the immense, soon-to-be-opened G.E.M. Grand Egyptian

Significant additions  and updates to the Reading List; more on The Dead
Saints Chronicles.

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Saugerties NY 12477

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Iggy Makarevich
High priest and bookkeeper for the Tomb of the Encrusted Fork, voice actor,
writer, anomalist and Fortean curmudgeon.

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