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This just in:

Eg-update 33 (?) [41! - Ed.]


*Upcoming Magical Egypt Trips*

1.October 22 – November 4, 2016

I will be updating my website shortly with trip-specific details, but
meanwhile the generic information currently posted covers all essential
information needed to sign on to this trip, including the online
registration form.

This is the first time I’ve sent an Eg-Update alert to my entire private
mailing list and I’ll have it posted to my website shortly. But even
without specifically promoting the upcoming trip, a substantial number of
inquiries have already come in. So, those keen to participate might want to
send in deposits sooner rather than later.

2. There will almost certainly be at least one other trip in the first
quarter of 2017. Dates not yet finalized.

In the detailed follow-up to this alert I will address the perennial (but
ever-changing) subject of safety in Egypt.

*Vote for Zoe *

If you are on this list because you’re interested in and appreciate
Symbolist Egypt and the work I and my colleagues do to make this great
Civilization available and comprehensible to the world (and, while we’re at
it, re-write all of ancient History), here’s a quick, painless, cost-free
way to say “thanks”.

My glamorous, fearless, multi talented model/actress/painter daughter, Zoe,
is currently participating in a contest to select “Miss Jetset” for the
cover of *“Jetset*” a popular internet magazine.

(For detailed info on Zoe, check out these links and judge for yourself.

*www.modelmayhem.com/1089400* <http://www.modelmayhem.com/1089400>...

*zoecw.tumblr.com/* <http://zoecw.tumblr.com/>

*https://www.facebook.com/zoecw14* <https://www.facebook.com/zoecw14>

*instagram.com/zoe_cw/* <https://instagram.com/zoe_cw/>

…and last but by no means least, Zoe in her In-Your-Face mode:
(and then surf around at will)

Here is the link to the Jetset contest:

As I write this, Zoe has made the first cut (a few weeks back) and the next
cut is tonight. She is currently #1 in her region (California) so no doubt
she will also make this second cut. (So don’t worry about not getting your
vote in on time today. But try) If you agree that Zoe would make an
exemplary Miss Jetset and you would like to vote for her, here’s the

Her Jetset page (link above) will guide you through easily enough though it
neglects to point out an important caveat. If you’re not on Facebook (I
understand that in the interior of Papua New Guinea, in remotest Outer
Mongolia and even in backwoods Mississippi there are individuals who are
not on Facebook) you can’t vote. And that’s the end of it … unless you can
prevail upon a friend to place votes for you.

Miss Jetset is a vote-in contest open to all. Rather like the All Star game
you can place multiple votes, they’re free, once daily. for as long as the
contest goes on.

However, unlike the All Star game, but rather like the U.S. Congress and
Democracy American Style, you can actually BUY votes. Except that in this
case, the money goes for a much better cause, especially since a sizable
chunk of it goes to a benevolent charity that helps children with cancer
(see the *Jetset* website for details on all aspects of the voting.)

That’s about it. If you have any questions, email me, and if I can’t answer
I’ll fwd them on to Zoe. I wouldn’t mind hearing from all who vote in the
contest; and especially from anyone who buys votes. Over to you.


Personal note from jaw:

This, though abbreviated, is taking me longer than anticipated. I wanted to
get it out tonight. So I’ll send this through as it is, and add more
tomorrow or the next day or two.

To come:

How to climb up the 14-storey ramp of the Great Pyramid to the King’s
Chmber … on your 84th Birthday – a personal pilgrimage of sorts.

What’s new, essential and Paradigm-threatening. Thumbnail descriptions of
major new work – books, videos and recent Egyptological developments. I
think I can say with some degree of certainty (something I could not in all
honesty say until now): the end of the reign of academic Orthodoxy is
coming to an end and is now foreseeable … in the not-too-distant future.

One fascinating book, not by me, but edited by me, and not even about
Egyptology directly, but that, gods willing, could prove instrumental in
bringing down our iniquitous Church of Progress.

Stay tuned.


John Anthony West

Lectures, Seminars, Appearances

Robert Lawlor



Joshua Tree

Paradigm Shift


Topics: Lifting the Curse of Akhenaton


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